Institutional Distinctiveness 2018-19

Provide the details of the performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust

 The institution constantly thrives to achieve its stated vision and mission through distinctive approaches and innovative strategies. Every year our institution have stressed on enrolling a significant number of minority students and students belonging to economically weaker sections who are generally the first generation learners. Hence the primary objective of the college has been to cater to the need of Higher Education for the students. The institution is acutely conscious of the need of the disadvantaged sections of society, thus with the academic excellence, our college has offered provisions for scholarships to needy students for the educational up-liftment. Keeping in mind the gender stereotypes, the institution tries to bridge the gender divide in the society by encouraging girl students to pursue higher education in increasing number.

In addition, our college has also provided platform for students to enhance their creativity and innovations by introducing various skill development and vocational training courses under Deen Dayal Upadhyay Kaushal Kendra (a Community College under the purview of Mahishadal Raj College) that has successfully helped students in getting job placements. To provide practical approach learning to students and producing quality research, various department of our college has conducted workshops, educational tours and field surveys that add value to the overall development of the students. Located near to Gandhi Ashram, an orphanage centre our college students have made several visits and provided support services to them, inculcating the value of educational as well as social responsibility.

The authority has equally given importance to educational excellence as well as other extracurricular activities of students by providing possible facilities, organizing cultural events and sports in the college. Boarding facilities has been provided separately for both girls and boys by the college. The college is committed in maintaining a healthy and green environment and various measures have been taken towards it.