Mission & Objectives

The logo of the college properly reflects its missions. They are Wisdom, Values and Progress. Founded by the Mahishadal Raj during the days of fierce freedom movement at Mahishadal to enable the poor mofussil boys and girls to promote their higher studies at a very low cost (“after matriculation they had to give up higher studies due to prohibitive cost of education in the metropolis”) and to bring prosperity in the area by diffusing the light of education and to inculcate high moral values, the college to-day is also committed to providing excellence in education at the undergraduate level in order to empower the rural youth with breadth of knowledge and depth of experience that provide meaningful contribution to their career and also to the community. For this purpose, during the last six decades, the college geared all its academic and extension activities in this direction. To achieve the goals stated in the mission statement the college faithfully follows the following basic objectives:

  1. To provide qualitative and useful teaching in order to prepare the students for higher education.
  2. To develop personality, quality of leadership and good citizenship in students.
  3. To inculcate ethical and moral values.
  4. To create teachers for the future generation.
  5. To prepare the students for entering into a bright career, meeting the social, eco omic and other challenges, and contributing to peace, human unity and universal welfare.
  6. To enhance creative skills.
  7. To develop sense of social services and patriotism through community services.
  8. To ensure the commitment to the society as a COMMUNITY COLLEGE.