Institutional Distinctiveness 2019-20

Institutional Distinctiveness of the College for the Session 2019-20

The institution has a ‘Certificate Course in Communicative English’ that is job-oriented and caters specifically to students from rural and semi-urban backgrounds with a modest grasp of the English language. Its primary aim is to acquaint students with fundamental aspects of English, encouraging them to cultivate a penchant for utilizing suitable vocabulary and constructing accurate sentences, thereby fostering confident and open interpersonal communication. Moreover, the course facilitates an improved understanding of pronunciation, bolstering learners’ confidence and paving the way for career success. The Certificate Course in Communicative English is open to all those who have passed the +2 (Intermediate) Examination and are studying at the undergraduate level in a college or university recognized by the U.G.C.

The course aims at training students in both written and spoken communication skills. In order to develop competence in written communication the students will be trained in guided compositions like letter writing, paragraph writing, report writing and précis writing. The students will be trained to understand and speak English language in day-to-day situations, class room discussions etc. The training in Spoken English will include the basic knowledge of English sounds (vowels and consonants), phonemic symbols weak and strong forms, pronunciation of common words. The role of language in communication is highlighted. Audio visual devices are used to teach the students various techniques of communication. Assessment in sessional, home assignments and Spoken English will be done by the teachers concerned and the external expert(s). The course makes a positive social impact by creating students who are confident speakers and efficient writers.